The Home Workout Enthusiast's Guide To Protecting Wooden Floorboards

You might be happy from all the exercise you do at home, but your wooden floorboards are suffering from a decidedly sinking feeling. Those who live in a single-floor, one bedroom home do not exactly have a lot of space available to perform workouts. So, you should take a few careful steps to prevent your workouts from weakening, bending and damaging the floorboards under the carpeting.

Do Not Exercise In The Same Place All The Time

Space may be at a premium in your tiny house, so you could be forced to work out in a rather confined area. When this is the case, you should try to avoid working out in the exact same area all the time. If you wake up every moving and perform ten minutes of rope jumping in the same 1 square metre section of the living room, you are going to be consistently pounding on the same floor boards. Do your workout in a different spot each day.

Do you affix a calorie counter to your hip and walk back and forth in the living room? Try to avoid doing so on the same straight path. Again, you would be driving a lot of consistent force and weight on the same area over and over. The floorboards are eventually going to give from the stress. 

Dealing With Or Employing Alternatives To Heavy Weights

Heavy free weights and kettlebells, when placed on the floor, do cause stress. So, you have to take a few steps to reduce the effects of gravity on the floorboards.

  • Always put weights away in the closet and never leave them on the floor. The constant contact of the weights and the floorboards is, sooner or later, going to cause the floor to give.
  • Use a floor mat buffer. A basic one or two inch thick yoga mat provides a decent buffer between the floor and the weights. Rather than place weights directly on the carpet during your workout, put them on the mat.
  • Try a switch to resistance bands instead of heavy weights. While resistance bands are not designed for mass workouts, they can effectively tone the upper and lower muscles. Their lack of weight places no burden on the floor.

Small steps such as these can yield very positive results.

Avoid Obviously Damaged Sections

Never work out on any sections of the floor that sink when you put weight on them. You'll only make things worse. If you notice the floorboards are sinking fairly heavily, perhaps it is time to call a specialist, such as Wood Land's Timber Floors, to inspect the situation and fix the floor for you.

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