How To Get The Best Out Of Your Air Conditioner In The Summer

The strength of an air conditioning unit is severely tested during the hot summer months since it is on for very many hours of the day. Summer is also the time when there is a lot of dust and other particles like pollen floating in the air. These make the AC work in overdrive as it battles to remove those particles from the air circulated in buildings. This article discusses how you can get the best out of your AC in this challenging time and reduce its operating costs.

Get The HVAC Technician During The Off-Season Period

Air conditioning units need regular maintenance to recharge the refrigerant or do needed repairs (such as repairing leaks) on the system. Do not wait for summer to set in to call the technician. Summertime is peak HVAC repair time, and rates usually go up due to the increased demand for technicians. In order to keep costs low, call the technician just before summer begins and have your AC tuned up. You will spend less for that service when compared to other homeowners who wait until the middle of summer to service their AC units.

Make Use Of The Thermostat

Use the thermostat on your AC unit to cut costs. For instance, set the AC unit to go off when there are no people in the house and then resume functioning just before family members are due to get back from work or school. This will reduce how much energy the AC uses so you will have a lower energy bill at the end of the month.

Insulate Ducts And Seal the Home

Another way to get the best out of your AC unit is to insulate the ducts so that there is minimal energy loss during the summer. If all ducts are wrapped in insulation, the cool air they are transporting will not gain heat from the attic or wherever the ducts are passing before getting to the rooms that need cooling.

All windows and doors must also be sealed so that the cool air inside the home does not escape to the outside. Instruct family members to minimise how long they open doors to prevent cool air from escaping to the outside. These precautions will ensure that you get maximum cooling during the hot summer.

For more information or advice on air conditioning units, contact a business such as DACS Air Conditioning & Electrical Services.

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