Cooling Woes: How to Identify 4 Common Ice Machine Refrigerator Problems

All refrigerators usually come with an ice machine, providing you with the convenience of serving ice cold drinks without having to drive to your nearest convenience store to pick up an ice bag. Although convenient, an ice machine can stop working from time to time.

Unlike a commercial ice machine that may need professional assistance, in most cases the problem in your refrigerator ice machine can be fixed on your own. Here are some common ice machine problems in your refrigerator to look for.

Newly Installed Fridge Doesn't Produce Ice

Don't panic too much; many refrigerator ice machines take up to a day to start producing ice initially. It may also take a long time if your refrigerator has been unplugged for a long time. Before assuming the worst, wait for at least a day to see if ice successfully forms. Newly installed fridges face this often, so make sure that you plug in your fridge and wait before looking for other problems.

The Freezer May Not Be Cold Enough

To make ice optimally, the freezer temperature should be set at around -18 degrees Celsius. You should check whether the temperature knob is set to the right temperature, otherwise you will notice that you're water isn't converting into ice properly. 

Clogged Water Pipes  

Water should be free-flowing to the ice machine. Sometimes the water pipe that transports water from the tap to the ice machine may be folded or clogged due to poor quality water constantly running through the pipes. Use a fine pin or long metal stick to unclog the water pipe and see if the problem is solved. Sometimes, the pipes from the water inlet to the ice machine get frozen. A simple fix may be to run a hairdryer along the pipe to remove frozen accumulated water.

The problem could also exist with the water filter. If you notice water pooling around your filter, you may need to purchase a new one from your local hardware store.

Ice Making Heater is Malfunctioning

To troubleshoot this issue, you need to understand how the ice machine works. The ice freezes in a mould and a heater runs to melt the ice slightly, so that it breaks from the moulding. Once the ice breaks free, the heater shut off automatically. This process keeps repeating itself.

Sometimes the heater may malfunction and will not switch off after the ice has fallen from the mould. The ice machine will stop making ice, because it gets too hot. A quick check is to touch the bottom of the ice maker. If it feels warm, the heater could be the issue. You may need to contact a professional through resources like to resolve this particular issue.

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