3 Important Reasons Why Tree Lopping Should Always Be Left to a Professional

Tree lopping can be a necessary chore in order to protect your property from overhanging branches, and to keep those branches from interfering with power and cable lines. While it may be tempting to handle your own trimming in order to save money, this job is always best left to a professional. Consider the following reasons why.

1. Lopping trees is a very dangerous job

Most homeowners don't realize that there is a certain science to securing a ladder in order to climb it securely. A professional will be taught the right angle at which the ladder should rest against a tree so that it doesn't slide out at the bottom or fall away at the top. He or she will also know how to test the ground to see if it's too soft to hold the ladder securely, or so hard that it might allow the ladder to slide. A ladder might also be actually tied or secured to the tree itself for added safety.

Falling off a ladder is dangerous enough on its own, but consider that when you're lopping trees, you usually have a very sharp saw or blade in your hands. You could easily fall on this or have it fall on you if you were to slip off the ladder, with tragic results. This is why the job is best left to those who are properly trained in how to secure and work on ladders.

2. Trees need to be lopped in a particular way for their own health

Simply cutting branches off can actually choke the tree itself, as they get their necessary moisture and oxygen through their branches. If you were to cut a branch straight rather than at an angle, it may not grow properly and in turn, the tree itself can suffer. You may assume that you don't want the branch to grow again but if it doesn't grow at all, you may eventually need to cut down the entire tree as it begins to rot and become unhealthy.

3. Trees and branches never fall where you assume when they're cut

Tree branches and trunks never seem to fall where you assume when they're cut; a trunk may slip out at the bottom and fall in the opposite direction than how it was cut, and a branch may fall against other branches and literally bounce around as it makes its way to the ground.

A professional like Woodpecker Tree Services will understand how to judge the weight of a branch and any obstacles around it, and he or she can tie the branch or a tree trunk properly and ensure it falls away from a home or shed. This will protect your property and anyone who may be working on the ground.

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