Ideas For Improving Garage Security

Many people purchase electric garage doors for added security. But it is important to remember that having such a garage door does not mean that your property is intruder proof. It is true that having an electric garage door will add a better level of security to your property, but there are some things you can do to enhance this further. This article looks at some ways of doing this.

Keep Fob With You

It is surprising how many people will leave the fob to their garage door in their vehicle; some people even attach it to the sun visor. This not only makes it easy to spot, but also easy to remove, should an intruder see it. Never leave the garage door opening fob in your vehicle; always keep it on you. If you struggle with this, purchase a key ring that the fob can be clipped to, ensuring that if you leave your vehicle, the fob goes with you.

Upgrade The Garage Door

It is possible to add modifications to your garage door if you have a basic model. Features such as automatic closing if left open for a set period of time, text messages sent to your phone if the door is opened, and alarm systems extended from your property to include the garage are all excellent ways of enhancing security. Additionally, you can upgrade the garage door so that intruders are prevented from discovering the frequency of your garage door.

Inside The Garage

Many people either forget to, or choose not to, close the internal door that provides access to their property from the garage and vice versa. This is akin to an open invitation for an intruder. It is a good idea to install a deadbolt lock system to this particular door, and if you have any external side doors that give access to the garage, secure them as well. Unenforced doors are easy to get through for a determined intruder.

Light Or Alarm

Such is the importance of keeping the internal door shut in the garage that leads into your property, that it makes good sense to install a light or audible alarm to let you know if the door has been left open. Hardware stores offer a lighting or alarm system that you can attach above the door; the light displays green if the door is closed and red if the door is open. This will help you to remember to close and then lock the door.

It is a good idea to fix a board next to the door and write on it to close and lock the door at all times so your family members remember to lock the door as well. For more information, contact a business such as The Roller Door Doctor.

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