5 Instances Where it's Ideal to Get a Swimming Pool Liner

Swimming pool liners are an alternative to the more traditional plastered or tiled pools. The liners are made of light vinyl material and you can get one in any size you want. Wondering if getting a pool liner is right for you? Here are some instances where getting a pool liner is in your best interest.

When building a new pool

If you're constructing a new pool, you can use a pool liner to easily cover your new home addition. Installing a pool liner is easy as no construction process is needed. The liner just needs to be attached to the wall lining. If you're constructing an above-ground pool, a liner is the best option to go with as you can't tile or plaster a backyard pool.

When repairing a damaged pool

Pools can get damaged from time to time. If you have a tiled or plastered pool in need of repairs, you can opt to make the switch to a pool liner. A pool liner is easier to maintain as it doesn't chip or break apart. A pool liner is also ideal when you need to renovate a deserted pool. No overhaul process is needed. You just need to have the pool cleaned and the liner installed.

If your pool liner is damaged

Similarly, if your pool liner is damaged, it's prudent to have it replaced as soon as possible. Damage to a pool liner may be caused by cuts, wrinkling, foreign objects or storm damage. A new pool liner will prevent the adjacent walls from absorbing water which may cause the paint or concrete to chip or crack.

When you need to install a pool quickly

If you need to install a pool and have limited time on your hands, a pool liner is your best bet. A pool liner can be installed in just hours. Once set up, your pool can be filled and used immediately. This is a far cry from plaster pools that need weeks to cure, or tiled pooled that take days before they can be filled. 

When you need a cheaper way to line your pool

Last but not least, swimming pool liners are cheap. They are made from manufactured plastic which is inexpensive. They also need little labor to install, plus few hours of work. Overall, you will save a lot of money by simply choosing to install one. Your supplier can help you choose the perfect fit for your pool.

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