Some Pros & Cons of Under Floor Heating

In the last few years, under floor heating has become a much more viable option for heating a space in a property. Advances in technology, coupled with the ever increasing cost of the raw materials (such as copper) used in the building of traditional radiator systems, means that people now have the option of installing under floor heating in their properties. This article looks at some pros and cons of under floor heating.

Reclaims Space

Liberating your property of all the radiators would allow you to reclaim the walls where the radiators were hung. Most people allow a certain amount of space to the sides and front of the radiator, for safety reasons, and this space could also be reclaimed and used. Removing the radiators also allows you to properly clean the built-up dust from when the radiator was in place; this can improve conditions in your house for allergy sufferers.

Provides an Even Flow of Heat

With radiators, the heat rises from one corner, only to cool and drop as it reaches the other side of the room. Under floor heating heats from the whole of the floor, allowing the whole room to feel warmer, rather than the side of the room where the radiator is situated. This improves the efficiency of the overall heating process, and less energy would be needed to heat the room to a comfortable temperature compared to a radiator.

The Heat Lasts Longer

Under floor heating can be used along with almost any type of flooring, but using the heating on a tiled or stone floor can have a kind of bonus effect. Due to the thermal mass of tile and stone, it takes much longer for these materials to lose all of the warmth they have. This means that although it is not costing you anything after you switch the heating off, the tile and stone will continue to heat your room for a good while afterwards, slowly releasing their heat as they cool. This allows you to heat less, and save money.

Must Be Properly Fitted

One of the downsides of under floor heating is the nature of the installation of the system itself. It is difficult going back to a faulty system and trying to fix it or adapt it. Accessing the system once it is in place can require time and work. To have a properly functioning, trouble-free system, it must be installed properly first time.

Can Be Expensive

Even though the costs have come down regarding the technology, the installation cost can still be quite high. Retrofitting a space with under floor heating requires a good deal of preparation and work, meaning the final bill will be expensive.

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