Top 6 Tricks and Tips for your Patio that is made out of Pavers:

Finding patio builders is not something that is hard to do; you can look for professionals or try it yourself. However, a true patio builder knows the below information and will follow all of it to a 'T' to ensure a well-crafted patio that is going to last a long time. Pavers are a great choice for patios for several reasons and the most important aspects are all mentioned in this article.

Easy maintenance and low cost – You can make a patio out of a lot of different kinds of materials, but making one out of pavers is the easiest installation process out there. This means low maintenance all year round. You may spend more up front for the materials, but in the long-run you will end up saving a lot more because you won't have to seal it all of the time or stain it over and over again like other materials such as wood and what not. Repairs are also a lot easier when it comes to pavers.

The deeper you dig, the better the results – Before you start digging you need to have all of the cable, plumbing and electrical lines marked. Then try to dig below the level where roots for vegetation are; try six inches or more. If the soil is dry, water it the night before so the area is softer and easier for digging.

No weeds ever – Place some landscaping cloth down on the old soil before you put the new base down. The new base should be sand; the cloth will stop weeds and other types of vegetation from coming through the patio from underneath.

Make the base – Pack in the sand nice and neat; you could also use what is known as a paver base. To do this properly you will need to use a tamper or a wacker plate compactor. The base needs to be solid, it needs to be smooth and it needs to be level.

Think ahead for drainage – The patio being level is very important, but you do need to have a slight slope away from the foundation of your house so the water can drain into that area. To be on the safe side the drop should be about a quarter of an inch.

Edges should be kept tight – To ensure that your pavers do not move, use extra pavers and build a solid edge around the patio. Doing this helps with better stability as well as with stopping weeds.

Once you have a patio built, you might consider enclosing parts of it or adding some type of roofing to make it more useful throughout the seasons. Different patio builders will be able to help you decide what type of structure will best fit your needs.

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