Privacy plus light - awesome blinds for all rooms

If you love near a busy thoroughfare you'll appreciate that at some times of day you'll want have the blinds closed for some privacy but still want the natural light and warmth of sunlight. Blinds can be a great way to maximise light and privacy for your home.

Here are some of your options:

Sheer roller blinds

Sheer roller blinds can be easily pulled up or down. They can either be operated by pulling the blinds down manually from the bottom rod or by using a string pulley system. String pulleys are not recommended in children's rooms due to the choking hazard but can be a great option for living rooms. These are often made of pale plastic backed materials, which can be easily wiped down for cleanliness but can be made from many different sorts of material including rice paper. Getting custom fit blinds is usually needed if you need the blind to sit flush against the edges of your window frames to get full transparency.

These are best suited to situations where you won't be opening the window to allow breezes through, as the blinds tend to 'flap' in a strong wind when down which can be annoying for some consumers.

Translucent plastic blinds

Translucent plastic blinds provide a sleek and modern appearance for windows. They can be angled during the day, to allow maximum sun light and warmth during the colder parts of the day while keeping private, and be set up to provide a more complete seal during the other parts of the day.

This can be particularly ideal if your building is hit by heavy glare from a neighbouring building at a certain time of day. You can also use them with an open window, which is ideal for days when there is a cooling breeze but you do not want to get the full effect of sun in your room. The angling does require you to pay attention if you do value privacy in this room, as you can end up with the blinds fully open. This may not be ideal in some situations, in a bedroom or doctors office for example! Choosing transparent blinds allows choosing and customising the amount of light and solar warmth in your home. 

Get in touch with a business like Ocean Grove Blinds & Awnings to see what blind options best suit your needs and your home's style.

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