Considerations for High Quality Stairs

Whether you are building a story addition or perching a deck over your backyard, any home improvement that involves more than one level will include stairs. The decisions you make regarding your home's indoor or outdoor stairways will determine the success of your project, both functionally and aesthetically. Functionally, the stairs must provide an easy and safe access from one level to the next. Aesthetically, the design and pattern chosen should complement your home's style. The following are some important considerations to ensure you get high quality stairways for your home.

Stairs type and design

There are different types of stairs in terms of design. However, all these types contain two main parts: the landing and the steps of the stairs. Other parts include balusters, railings and decorative elements of the stairs. The common types of stairs include straight, quadrant, circular and spiral stairs.

  • Straight-type stairs. These stairs run vertically from one level to another. They are easier and cheaper to construct than other types of stairs. The design is simple since each stair is of the same measurement as the next. Straight-type stairs are suitable for DIY projects.
  • Quadrant-type stairs. These stairs are "L" shaped with a 90 degree turning angle. The positioning and turning angle can be customized according to your preference. These types of stairs save on space but are complex to install. It is important to employ the expertise of a professional in a quadrant stairs project.
  • Circular stairs. Circular stairs have a circular form without a central gap. They inhabit a lot of space but are a great element in the interior design of your home. These stairs sweep in a broad curve from one level to the next.
  • Spiral stairs. Spiral stairs are ideal for homeowners with little space available or who want to save on space. They have a circular form with a central support pole and twist in one or two ways.

Staircase material and finish

The material used to make stairs can either be wood, metal, concrete, marble or glass, among others. For outdoor stairs, the type of material chosen should be resistant to harsh weather conditions. Such materials include metal, concrete, granite or marble. Wood species such as pinewood, ash wood and oak are suitable in providing a natural feel and curb appeal to your home. They are fairly cheap and can be used for different stair designs.

Metals such as steel and aluminium are durable, sturdy and appealing for both indoor and outdoor stairs. They can be finished using custom color coatings for an aesthetic appeal. Concrete is another common staircase material that is widely preferred by homeowners. Concrete can be finished using different patterns and stains depending on one's preference and home design.

The style and design chosen for indoor and outdoor stairs contributes greatly to the aesthetics of your home. It is important to make these important considerations, bearing in mind your overall home's design to ensure that the stairs constructed complement it.

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