Tips for Choosing a Caravan Awning

A caravan awning can provide all the protection you need from the sun and other weather elements when you want to sit outside your caravan and enjoy the great outdoors. It can also provide covering for things like boots and shoes or your barbecue grill, when you don't want to store them inside the trailer. Choosing a caravan awning should be done carefully so that you know it will fit and will provide the protection you need without being too difficult to put up and take down. Note a few tips for how to do this for your caravan.

1. Sizing

Even if you know the size of your caravan, you want to measure the top of the trailer where the awning will be located. This is because the advertised size of your caravan may be the length from the tip of the tow bar to the back of the trailer, and your awning will not need to be that wide. Some caravans also curve at the front so that the roof is much shorter than the floor length. Measure the area you want covered by the awning and the area that is available for an awning to rest against so you know you choose a size that will work for your caravan.

2. Tent versus covering alone

An awning may be a covering alone, like an awning to a home. However, some caravan awnings are three-sided tents; they have walls and a zippered door that you can fully close. These may be more expensive than a roof covering alone, but consider how you will use your awning. Do you want a place for eating and relaxing at night? Do you enjoy having sun and wind on your skin, or are you more comfortable when sitting behind tent walls? Do you need privacy from others in the same campground when using your caravan? Invest in the right type that will work for you and don't assume that the cheapest awning is the better option for your caravan.

3. Added features and other considerations 

An awning will usually have tie-downs, to keep them level and even in high winds and rain. Some tie-downs may be weighted, and these can be worth the extra cost if you don't want to pull up your awning and bring it inside every time the winds kick up. Tightening handles can ensure the awning is steady even when parked on uneven ground. Aluminum poles are lightweight but may tend to rust over time, whereas fiberglass can last longer while still be rough and rugged. Keep these points in mind when choosing all the features of your caravan awning from a company like Wilfords Annexes.

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