Four Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a New Toilet Seat

Okay, shopping for a toilet seat is never going to compare to the excitement of, say, looking for a new car, but, even if it isn't the most glamorous of purchases, it's well worth taking some time to consider your needs. Individual requirements will vary from person to person, and you'll also need to take the rest of the bathroom into consideration.

To help you out, here are four of the right questions to ask yourself to avoid making the wrong decision.

What Shape Do You Need?

Most other toilet seat options deal with comfort or aesthetics, but shape is something that you definitely need to get right.

Toilet seats don't actually come in different sizes, as many might believe, but rather in different shapes. A rounder seat is still the most common option, especially for an older toilet, though elongated seats – which are characterised by a longer oval shape – are becoming more popular. Check which type you need before proceeding any further.

Which Material Would You Like?

Toilet seats are generally made from either plastic or wood, and each choice comes with its own drawbacks and benefits.

Plastic, which is probably the more popular option, is actually just a plastic coating over composite wood. Plastic seats are available in numerous colours and designs and are resistant to staining for most cleaning agents. However, some people find them a little chilly during the winter months. Wooden seats are much warmer and more durable, but they also cost more and tend to be stained by some toilet bowl cleaners.

Which Style are You After?

Generally, the style of your toilet seat should follow the overall style of the room. Take the way the room looks now, and use that as your starting point so you don't pick anything that will seem too out of place.

Remember that there are hundreds of options available, so it makes sense to look around online if you're after something more unusual.

Do You Want any Additional Features?

Toilet seat technology sounds like a slightly odd idea, but it's something which has advanced in recent years and it's worth taking some of the available features into account.

Low-cost examples include quick-release seats for easy removal during cleaning or soft-close lids to help prevent slamming, but more interesting features, such as a heated seat, are also on offer.

You might not be particularly thrilled about shopping for a new toilet seat, but taking the time to answer the questions above will make all the difference in the long run. For more information, contact a bathroom supplier.

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