What Are Some Little-Known Uses Of Saw Dust In A Garden?

Sawdust is perhaps the most commonly known byproduct of timber. Sawdust is often used as mulch in residential gardens as a way of recycling the timber from which it came. There are various other uses of sawdust in a residential garden that many homeowners are not aware of. This article discusses a few lesser-known uses of timber in residential gardens.

Growing Of Mushrooms

One innovative way to put sawdust to good use around the garden is take up mushroom growing. This is because sawdust creates an enabling environment for mushrooms to thrive. Mushrooms are different from other green garden plants in the sense that they lack chlorophyll. Mushroom plants therefore get their food from other organic materials and not through the process of photosynthesis. Sawdust is a good organic material that acts as a source of food for mushroom plants.

However, it is important to point out that the successful growth of mushrooms requires temperature and light control. Therefore, homeowners who choose to do this should be in a position to make the necessary adjustments.

Soaking Up Of Liquid Spillages

Another effective way to put sawdust to good use around the lawn area is to use it to soak up spillages.Common liquids that spill around the lawn area include coffee and animal urine from pets.

Covering spillages with sawdust for a few minutes and then sweeping the area clean is an effective way to clear the mess. Sawdust is a naturally absorbent material and this proves to be helpful when spillages come calling.

Making Compost

Homeowners can also choose to turn sawdust into compost in their bid to reduce the amount of wastage associated with the use of timber.

Compost is primarily made up of "green" materials (such as food scraps and grass clippings) and "brown" materials (such as sawdust). Addition of alternating layers of sawdust in the compost pit is helpful in balancing out the "green" compost materials. In addition to this, sawdust serves as a bulking agent when making compost, thus helping to increase air circulation during the entire composting process.   

Preventing Growth Of Weeds

Last but not least, sawdust can be used to discourage the growth of weeds around the garden. This is because sawdust derived from hardwoods such as the walnut tree is a natural weed killer. It is therefore a good idea for a homeowner to sweep saw dust between concrete crevices, cracks and other garden areas where weed growth is common.

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