Kitchen Installation Trends That Are Here to Stay

Before you talk to a contractor about having a new kitchen installation or doing a major remodel of your old kitchen, you want to ensure you've checked out all the latest trends. You want your kitchen to work for you for years to come, and if you don't know what's hot right now, you might be missing out on some convenient features that will serve your cooking and food prep needs now and well into the future. Note a few of those trends here.

1. White is the new black

Stainless steel appliances are popular but white is becoming a favorite choice once again. This is because white ceramic appliances are easier to clean and don't show fingerprints and dirt as easily as stainless steel. White is also a very clean-looking color, so white floors and cabinets can make your kitchen look cleaner overall. The color also opens up a smaller space without much natural light, so consider adding white as much as possible to your kitchen.

2. Downsize appliances

Extra large refrigerators and stoves often look good in commercials, but in real life, they are often just wasted space. Rarely does a family need as much space in their refrigerator as is offered in many oversized appliances, and they typically don't cook large meals that require all that oven space, except for the occasional holiday. These oversized appliances can cut into your space for cabinets and cupboards, which you may need more often than that commercial-sized stove and refrigerator.

3. Recyclable or recycled materials

If you're very eco-conscious, you'll want to choose recyclable or recycled materials for your kitchen installation. This can mean recycled granite or wood for the counters or floors, poured concrete for the countertops, recycled metal for a tin backsplash, and so on. You might even find cabinets made from recycled wood or salvaged items like sinks and appliances.

4. Built-in storage

Buying storage containers for your kitchen is nice, but built-in storage can make your kitchen much more functional. This can include pull-out shelves with racks already installed, two-tier drawers for organizing silverware and utensils, and other such dividers. You might also opt for an appliance garage to keep your countertop clean and neat; this allows you to keep your small appliances organized and at your fingertips but out of sight. Look for cabinets and cupboards with shelves, hooks, and other such devices that will keep your kitchen organized and much more functional than a space without these details.

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