3 Ways to Include Glass Walls in a Home Renovation

Undergoing a home renovation is a huge luxury and an opportunity for you to manipulate your home space so that it fits exactly with your lifestyle and with the aesthetics that you love. A dramatic home renovation is not a project you take on every day, so it's important to make it count for something. Instead of tried and tested renovations, why not opt for something much more statement-making, such as glass walls? Here are a few ways that you can integrate glass walls into your interior design.

A glass wall between a small bedroom and a bathroom. Although glass is a common feature of many bathrooms, the idea of having a glass wall separating a bedroom and a bathroom is less common because of the privacy issue. But glass doesn't have to be totally transparent. The glass could be frosted, or you could purchase panels of glass that electronically switch from transparent to opaque to give you privacy when you need it. This idea is particularly effective in a small bedroom when you need to open up the space as much as you can. Seeing through to the bathroom makes the space look larger, but the reflective surface of glass also bounces light around a room.

A glass wall for a study. If you are fortunate enough to be converting one of your rooms into a home study, you'll need to carefully consider how light moves around the room. This is because exposure to natural light promotes energy and productivity. A whole glass wall for a study is a fantastic idea because it allows maximum amounts of light to flood into the room, but it's also reminiscent of the kind of glass walls that separate offices in workplaces, and this familiarity will tell your brain that it's time to work when you are in the study.

An exterior glass wall at the back of your house. Glass walls don't just have to be interior walls, and a wonderful option is to have a whole glass wall with an integrated glass door that leads on to your patio and garden area. This will totally open up the space and allow you to experience the calming effects of looking at nature even when you are comfortably inside your home. If you are concerned about privacy, remember that glass that can be switched from clear to opaque is now an option, and you could fit blackout blinds for the whole wall if you want privacy at night. 

For more information, contact a local glass installation company. 

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