Self Storage: 5 Nifty Actions to Pack Fragile Glasses in Boxes for Storage

Whether you're moving homes, going on a long-term holiday or simply renovating, packing for a self-storage unit is always stressful. You have to identify fragile items and set them apart from other sturdy items in your home. If you're planning to pack fragile glasses, then you should ideally follow these nifty actions for placing them in cardboard boxes for storage. 

Clean And Dry Your Glasses

Start by placing all the to-be-packed glasses in the dishwasher or run them under water to get rid of any residual dirt or grime from them. This action will prevent the growth of any mould and mildew while these glasses are in the self-storage unit. Make sure the glasses are thoroughly dry before preparing them for packing into cardboard boxes for the self-storage unit.

Wrap Each Glass in Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Wrap each glass individually in bubble wrap and packing paper. This double layer of protection is ideal because glasses are fragile and could easily break even when little pressure is applied. Make sure the glasses are wrapped individually to avoid breaking and cracking when glasses come into contact with each other.

Choose Small or Medium Boxes to Avoid Stacking Too Many Glasses

Ideally, you should place your glasses upright in the box to protect them and keep them safe. Choosing small or medium boxes will ensure that you don't have to stack too many glasses on top of each other. Stacking may put too much pressure on the bottom glasses, which could cause them to crack.

Arrange Glasses in Boxes

Before arranging your glasses in the cardboard boxes, place layers of packing paper or newspapers at the bottom of the box. This prevents the glasses from coming into direct contact with the floor through the base of the box. After placing the first layer of glasses in the box, crumble newspaper and fill it into the gaps to prevent any hollow spaces inside the box. This will block the boxes from moving around during transport to the self-storage unit. Repeat this for the next few layers of boxes and ensure that no empty spaces are left inside the box.

Close the Box and Mark as Fragile

Once the box has been filled with the glasses, close it and seal it with packing tape. Mark the box as fragile and label it, so that you are aware of its contents when you remove all your boxes from the self-storage unit.

These nifty actions are designed to help you pack fragile glasses for the self-storage unit.

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