Four Benefits of Patios Over Decking

Planning on renovating your yard? You can create a great outside space by laying down either decking or a patio, but it's often hard to decide which is the right choice.

Firstly, you need to understand the differences between them. A patio refers to an outdoor space placed right on the ground. They usually use a concrete base, but sometimes stone, brick, or tile will be used to cover the foundation. Decks, on the other hand, are usually made of wood and are not placed directly on the ground. Instead, they stand on some kind of support system and typically feature a rail around their edges.

The differences between a patio and decking might seem mostly superficial, but the choice you make will have a significant impact on things such as maintenance and usability, so it's well worth considering your options. Here are four reasons to go for a patio.

1. Less Maintenance

Enjoying your outside space is far easier when you're not constantly worrying about maintenance. Unfortunately, wooden decking requires regular sealing, staining and oiling if it's to stay looking its best. You'll even have to replace individual rails and planks as the decking ages, resulting in an uneven wear pattern. In contrast, a patio requires little in the way of maintenance since the materials used are so durable.

2. Enviable Longevity

Ultimately, all the maintenance in the world isn't going to completely mitigate the effects of exposing lumber to the elements. Cracking, splitting, and warping are problems that can be slowed down by regular treatment, but there's no denying that wood isn't going to last as long as concrete. If you've chosen a good paving material, your patio will last decades since you don't need to worry about pests, mould, rot, or the weather.

3. Stronger Support

Well-made decking can hold the weight of a crowd of people, but it doesn't boast the weight-bearing potential of a patio. This is partly down to the fact that a patio is made from stronger materials and partly down to the fact that they sit directly on the ground. If you're interested in investing in a heavier item, such as a hot tub, to ensure you make the most of your outside space, you might find that decking isn't up to the job.

4. Greater Flexibility

Stone patios can be made into almost any shape or size, so you can make your outside space perfectly fit with your home. In contrast, decking will always somewhat restrict you since everything needs to be fully supported. Additionally, certain woods aren't easy to work into curves.

At the end of the day, a patio will require less work than decking, even while lasting longer, taking more weight, and coming in any size or shape you fancy. For more information or to start working on your renovation, talk with contractors and patio companies, such as Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd, today.

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