Considerations When Contemplating Safety Doors

When it comes to installing safety doors in your home, it is not simply about selecting the first doors you come across and hiring a contractor. There are a few considerations that you should keep in mind to ensure that your safety doors will meet your individual residence's needs.

Consider the Material Your Doorframe Should Be Made Of

The most common materials used in the construction of safety doors include metal alloys, aluminium or steel. These materials will come in different strengths to enhance the security of your doors. However, it should be noted that metal alloys and aluminium frames are not as sturdy as their steel counterparts are. As such, if you are opting for those materials to reduce on costs, you may have to contemplate having the frames constructed wider in order to make them stronger.

Consider the Mounting of Your Safety Doors

Two common methods are employed when it comes to mounting safety doors. The first is flush mounting, which gives your safety doors a natural appearance by eliminating gaps between the doors and the frame. The second mounting method you could choose is tube framing. This method causes the safety doors to stick out from the door opening, since the framing is mounted at the trim of the doors rather than installing them inside the door opening.

Consider the Insect Repelling Attributes of Your Safety Doors

Safety doors do not only work toward keeping out burglars from your home. You can also have them modified to ensure that bugs are sealed out too, which will come in handy during the summer months. One of the options you could choose is a peel and stick tape. The contractors can apply the foam tape around your safety doors, thereby covering up any gaps that insects may take advantage of. Another option would be felt strips, which provide a tight seal around your doors. Felt seals tend to be a popular choice as they are durable and require little to no maintenance to stay in good condition.

Consider Painting or Powder Coating Your Safety Doors

Although paint is a popular option for homeowners, it should be noted that it is not heat resistant. That is why excessive exposure to the sun will cause your paint job to peel and crack, hence requiring regular maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. If you would like a convenient option, you would be better suited opting for powder coating. This alternative requires no solvent and is applied electrostatically right onto your safety doors. Once it is cured, it adheres like a second skin and you do not have to worry about maintenance measures to keep it aesthetically appealing. 

For more information on safety doors for your home, consider contacting a local supplier and installer, such as Menai Blinds Pty Ltd.

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