Teak Furniture Care Tips

There are different types of furniture that you can purchase for outdoor use, but some are more resistant than others. Teak is a type of timber that is hard and known for being more durable. It is often used in its natural form to make outdoor furniture of all types. If you have furniture in your outdoor area that is made from teak, it is important that you know how to care and clean for it in a way that will not cause it to wear or dull at a rapid rate. This means that before you care for your teak furniture, it is important for you to be aware of the most helpful care tips designed to extend the lifespan of teak furniture.


If liquids are spilled on teak furniture, it is possible to remove stains in a number of ways. For light stains that have not yet set into the surface of the teak, it is possible to clean them away using a gentle cleaning solution. It is not a good idea to use harsh cleaning chemicals on the surface of teak because it can cause this type of timber to become dull. It is best to use a milder cleaner. You can dilute dishwashing liquid by adding water, and then you can apply it to the surface of the teak. Make sure that you rinse the cleaning solution off completely after you have scrubbed it in. For stains that are more set in it is possible to sand them away. You can use a small piece of fine sand paper to sand away stains that are small. You can then apply any finish over the teak to cover the area that you have sanded.


You can also make your teak furniture last longer and be more resistant to wearing by applying oil. It is possible to use teak oil, but it is suggested that you mix teak oil with mineral spirits before you apply it to the timber. Make sure that when you are rubbing the teak oil mixture into the timber that you go in a motion that is with the grain. The oil being applied in this motion will ensure that the finish is preserved in the best way possible.

Bird Droppings

One of the most common annoyances that you will have to deal with on teak furniture is a bird droppings stain. It is possible to keep teak furniture from being stained by bird droppings if you remove the droppings before they become set in. If they do leave a stain, you will most likely have to sand it away. 

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