Deck Designs You Can Consider For Your Home

If you were looking to creating additional living space on your residence, a deck would be an ideal choice. However, you choice of design can make the difference between an average living space and an exceptional stylish extension of your residence. Opting for the right design can create an outdoor living space that is not only functional but also complementary to aesthetics of your home. What is even better is that you can choose to incorporate multiple deck designs to create a unique architectural design. Here are some of the deck designs that you could consider when consulting with your deck builders.    

Patterned wood decking design

When it comes to decking, most homeowners opt for conventional timber slats that are arranged in a parallel formation to create a uniform floor pattern. Although this is functional, it does not provide much in terms of aesthetics. To create attractive deck flooring, you should consider a patterned timber design. One option that you could opt for is a herringbone design that will make your timber flooring stand out. Enquire from your deck builders the different options that you could consider and this could help you select a design that meets your aesthetic preferences.

Detached decking design

Traditionally, decks are typically constructed as an attachment to the main house. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. If you have a large compound, you could choose to make the most of it by opting for a freestanding deck that is detached from the home. This is especially convenient if you already have large ornamental trees on your property. The deck builders can construct the deck around these trees, thereby incorporating the shade provided by the trees into the overall deck design. Alternatively, you could opt to have a gazebo constructed in your yard and base the design of the deck around it, away from the home. There are multiple ways that you can experiment with detached decking with your deck builders.

Indoor-outdoor decking design

If you live in an area that primarily experiences good weather conditions, then you should ensure that you decking enables you to make the most of this. One of the best ways of doing this is by opting for an indoor-outdoor decking design. Rather than have a solid wall separating your deck from the home, you should install bi-fold doors. Since these can open as wide as you want, you create the sense of your home's interior being directly connected to the deck. If you would like additional shelter from the elements, you could also consider installing retractable awnings that could help you control the amount of natural light that filters into the home from the deck. 

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