Considerations When Contemplating Ride-on Mowers

As the name suggests, ride-on mowers provide the operator with the convenience of sitting on top of the lawn mower as they are mowing their lawn. The controls on these mowers are also strategically placed within easy reach to ensue efficient and safe mowing. When you are considering ride-on mowers, there are a number of considerations that you would have to keep in mind. These considerations will determine how navigable your mower will be as well as how efficiently it meets your needs. Here are some of the other considerations to keep in mind when contemplating ride-on mowers.

Consider the navigational space on your lawn

Generally, homeowners with large yards tend to opt for ride-on mowers that have a wide steering berth, which enables them to make large turns on their property. However, if you have many obstacles on your lawn in the form of trees, shrubbery and more, you may have to consider a zero-turn mower. These ride-on mowers have an engine that is rear mounted as well as a rear wheel-brake system for the steering. This makes this type of ride-on mower take very tight turns, which enables you to navigate your yard even with the smallest amount of navigational space available.

Consider the mulching and catching features

When considering a ride-on mower, you should also contemplate how you would be eliminating the grass that is being mowed. A few options would be available to you depending on your needs. For one, you could opt for a mulching ride-on mower. This type of lawn mower will collect the clippings of grass and chop them up finely within the system before dispersing them back onto your yard. The second option that you could consider is the side discharge ride-on mower. This lawn mower is better suited to rougher and longer species of grass. Lastly, you could opt for the rear-catcher ride-on mower. This lawn mower is suitable for lawns that already have fine grass. The mower will cut and store the clippings in a bag, then you will manually dispose of them as you wish.

Consider the transmission system of the ride-on mower

If you were looking to be cost effective on your ride-on mower choice, then a manual transmission mower would be an affordable option. However, if you were looking for a mower that will allow you to reverse, increase your speed and slow down without having to change any gears, then an automatic transmission ride-on mower would be better suited to your needs.

For more information and options, talk with a company that supplies ride-on mowers, such as Cox Mowers.

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