Dog Owners: Five Tips to Help You Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Before a carpet cleaner, such as Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning, comes, you may want to prepare your home a bit by moving furniture or following any other instructions from the cleaner. However, if you have a dog, there are special preparation steps to keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

1. Vacuum thoroughly.

Some carpet cleaning companies vacuum before they start cleaning the carpets, but others expect you to vacuum before they arrive. Either way, if you have a dog, you should vacuum before the cleaners arrive. That way, you remove as much hair as possible. Unfortunately, if dog hair is embedded in your floor, the carpet cleaning process won't remove it -- rather, it will just "clean" it along with the carpet.

2. Use a brush to remove extra hair from the carpet.

If your vacuum doesn't pick up all the hair your dog sheds, consider using a brush to remove it. You can use a basic plastic hair brush for this job. Just rub it over the carpet and let the hair collect in it. Pull the dog hair out of the brush as clumps of it accumulate so that you can pick up more.

3. Remove hair from baseboards and vents.

Ideally, you should also clean dog hair from where it builds up along baseboards and HVAC vents. In most cases, carpet cleaning professionals do not need you to do this. However, if you clean these areas before they arrive, it prevents dog hair, pet dander, dust and other debris from migrating to your clean carpets once the cleaner is done.

4. Remove hair from upholstered furniture.

Many carpet cleaners have attachments they can use to clean furniture, and they can be useful, especially if you have muddy dog prints on your upholstery. However, just as you remove hair from the carpets, you also should try to remove it from all of your furniture. Vacuum underneath all the cushions and in the crevices.

5. Talk with cleaner about stain pretreatments.

If your dog has left any stains on your carpet, talk with your cleaner about them before the big day. In particular, ask about pretreating the stains, and see if the carpet cleaner would like you to spray any special cleaning agents on the stains before his or her arrival. That way, the pretreatment spray can work on penetrating the stains for a few hours before the cleaner gets started on the carpet.

6. Board your pet.

Finally, remember that the noise and commotion of carpet cleaning can be scary for pets, and make a plan to board your dog. You may restrict him or her to a single room or the backyard, but you need to make sure that he or she cannot access the front doors, as carpet cleaners often leave them propped open, especially if their hoses are hooked to their trucks.


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