4 Steps To Pack Your Wooden Bedside Table For Storage

If you've decided to do some renovating or if you're in between homes, then a self-storage unit is a great way to temporarily store your household items until you find a more permanent solution. Self-storage provides you with the opportunity to safely store your items while you're pre-occupied with some other task. This guide is designed to help you pack your bedside table for the storage unit.

Clean The Table To Prevent Mould And Mildew Growth

The first thing you need to do is to clean the bedside table thoroughly to ensure that no food or debris residue remains on it while in the storage unit because this could cause mould and mildew to grow. Clean the table by wiping it down thoroughly with a damp cloth. Apply a wood cleaner to it and wipe down once again to remove any residual dirt. Let the bedside table dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated room to ensure that no moisture is trapped once you cover it. Trapped moisture will discolour your table and cause mildew to form. 

Disassemble All Removable Components

If your bedside table has any removable components like drawers, shelves and knobs, remove them for easy transport and minimal damage. Remove all detachable pieces and store them separately before transporting them to the self-storage unit. If your bedside table has any legs, remove them too. Disassembling all removable components will protect your bedside table from scrapes and gouges.

Wrap Drawers And Bedside Tables In Packing Paper And Bubble Wrap 

Place the knobs and shelves inside drawers and wrap each drawer individually in packing paper to equip it with a layer of protection. After packing paper, place another layer of bubble wrap around each drawer for additional fortification. Follow the exact same procedure with the main bedside table to protect it with both packing paper and bubble wrap. Avoid swathing the bubble wrap too tightly around the unit because wood needs some space to breathe. Packing it too tightly may cause condensation and unpleasant odours to form inside the self-storage unit.

Store The Bedside Table Strategically Inside The Storage Unit

You naturally want to give your bedside table room to breathe, so be strategic during self-storage unit placement to avoid damage and mildew growth. Walls are filled with moisture and placing the bedside table too close to them will cause some moisture to transfer to it. As a general rule, leave space between the wall, other furniture items and bedside table to allow air to flow freely through the unit and to prevent moisture formation. 

Follow these smart steps in your quest to pack your bedside table for the self-storage unit.

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