Tips to Adding a Touch of Sophistication to Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom renovations, homeowners tend to assume that this can only be undertaken with a big budget at hand. The truth of the matter though is that you can make your bathroom appear luxurious without having to break the bank. Knowing which areas to focus on and what items to incorporate into your bathroom can go a long way in giving it a facelift without it being an exorbitant affair. Here are some tips to adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom

Incorporate unique items into the bathroom design

When it comes to bathrooms, homeowners seem to think the starker it is, the more sanitary it is. However, keeping your bathroom plain only functions to make it look more utilitarian than a room that you can relax in. In order to make your bathroom look more inviting, you should consider incorporating some unique pieces that would make it have its own character. A plush bathroom can be achieved by installing custom cabinets with textured panels or constructing a sitting bench from materials that correspond with your benchtops. These items are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing and can be made possible without having an extensive budget. 

Experiment with the walls

A staple for most bathrooms are white tiled walls. Some homeowners may incorporate a patterned tile here and there to break up the monotony, but the overall wall scheme will be made up of white tiles. If you are looking to give your bathroom a facelift, you could opt to drastically change the colour scheme of the wall tiles. Steer clear from the conventional neutral pallets and opt for something bold, such as black tiling. The black will make your walls stand out, yet all you would be spending money on are different coloured tiles. 

Renew your tap ware

One of the most overlooked aspects of bathrooms is the tap ware. From the sink faucets to the bathtub, tap ware is rarely changed unless it has developed a plumbing problem. Over time though, you will find that tap ware loses its original sheen and begins to look drab. It may still be functional, but it can become an eyesore. Rather than waiting for your tap ware to start malfunctioning to replace it, become proactive and install new tap ware as part of your bathroom renovations. There are a myriad of contemporary designs to choose from that are priced reasonably. This allows you to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom and make it look modern without having to break the bank. 

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