Tips on Packing Household Items in Your Self-Storage Container

One of the ways to tuck away unused household items cluttering the interiors of your home and making it difficult to stay organized is to acquire a self storage container. But for this type of container to work well, you need to know how to pack up well. Here are a couple of tips you can follow when arranging items in your storage unit.

Do proper labeling

You might be able to recall where you kept everything when you are arranging boxes inside your storage unit, but you might not be that sharp after some considerable length of time. For that reason, it is important to make sure all boxes are properly labeled so that you can know what they contain. You can do this with a marker pen or printed sticker papers. Make sure the labels are facing the aisle so that they can be seen easily.

Sketch a map of your storage container

Prior to putting things in your storage unit, know how it looks like when empty. You can even walk inside to assess the best spots to place your various household items. For example, mattresses can be stored vertically on the interior walls of your container. This way, they won't take up too much floor space. Once you have visualized where to stack up everything on the list of items you intend to keep in your container, draw up a map. This will help you quickly trace where you placed each item.  

Stack up boxes smartly

Be careful when it comes to placing boxes on top of each other. Avoid placing things on top of boxes carrying fragile items like glassware since this can cause breakage. If you have stored heavy items in small boxes and lighter ones in large boxes, remember not to place the small boxes on top of their larger counterparts because the large boxes might cave in due to the heavy weight exerted on the top.  

Leave a passageway

Rest assured, you will need to go back to your storage unit at some point to remove an item you didn't see the need to keep in your house in the first place. Perhaps you intend to host a couple of old friends for a few days and think that unused mattress will come in handy. Or maybe, your child wants to reuse that Halloween costume he or she put on last year because it can still fit well. No matter the case, make sure you can easily reach a particular item, even if it is placed at the back of your container.

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