How to Brighten a Dull Bathroom Without Spending a Fortune

If your home's bathroom seems dull and drab, you don't need to spend a fortune to redo the entire space. Often just a few simple changes can make the space seem updated and modern as well as brighter and even cleaner. Note a few simple tips and tricks for brightening an otherwise dull bathroom for anyone on a budget.


Painting the walls is an obvious choice for brightening the space, but note if you can also paint the vanity under the sink. If it's made of wood, you can usually just remove the door, sand down all the pieces, and repaint them. Choose a light color that doesn't match the walls so the vanity won't get lost in the background, but opt for one that is bright and that looks clean.

Note that there are also paints that can be applied over porcelain tile in the shower. These are waterproof and cover the tile and grout, and they can make the shower area seem brighter and cleaner without having to actually retile that area.

Linens and curtain

Swap out your shower curtain for something white or a very light shade of your favorite color, and invest in a few hand towels in the same bright shade. You can also usually find an area rug for the bathroom that is bright and fresh and which will match the linens. This can also be a good way to cover a drab and dull bathroom floor.


A few simple shelves over the commode or in another area of the bath can provide storage but you can also use these to brighten the space. Add decorative items in a metal that will reflect light, or roll up some white or light colored towels and put them on the shelves. This can help cover a dull wall color and brighten any area of the bath.


To bounce around light, buy a larger mirror for the bath or, if you already have one, add more mirrors. You can often find bathroom mirrors in a smaller size that you can hang on the wall opposite the sink or over the commode. The more mirrors you have in the bathroom, the more light will be reflected in the space. For a decorative touch, choose a grouping of round or square mirrors in different sizes and hang them like you would pictures, or put them in a straight line along one wall for a bright spot in the bath.

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