Locks and Security Ideas for Renters

If you live in a rental property and you want to increase your security, you have to do so within the restrictions of your tenancy agreement. While different agreements spell out different rules and expectations, there are some commonalities between most of them. Wondering which type of locks and security measures will work for the property you are renting? Take a look at these tips:

1. Install a lock that only responds to you.

If you live in a dodgy neighbourhood, a shady apartment complex or if you just want to ensure that absolutely no one can get into your property without your permission, you may want to consider a biometric lock. These locks respond to your fingerprint or even your eye movements, and they cannot be opened by anyone who is not you. They keep out everyone from burglars to your landlord.

2. Look into temporary locks.

In some cases, however, your lease may stipulate that you cannot lock out your landlord. In some areas, landlords are legally allowed to enter the premise without notice if they suspect an emergency is happening. As a result, many landlords don't allow their tenants to put in locks that they (the landlords) cannot open.

If this describes your situation, you may want to look into temporary locks. For example, you can put on a chain lock with just a few screws, and because it locks from the inside, it protects you when you are at home. However, if you are out and about and the chain lock is open, the landlord can still access your property if needed, using the regular lock on the door.

3. Consider makeshift locks.

If you have a strict lease agreement that doesn't allow you to even put screws in the door, you may want to consider makeshift locks and makeshift security measures. For example, if you have a sliding patio door, put a broomstick handle in the tracks so no one can open the door. To keep people away from your front door, use motion-activated lights or even just really loud motion-activated holiday decorations to startle potential thieves. Many people also like the fake dog idea -- hang a beware of dog sign and stick a lead on your porch.

4. Find a security system that is easy to install.

If you also want to add  security system with your locks, you need to find one that is easy to install. For example, if it is a wired security system and the installer would have to open up walls to put it in, it's not ideal for a rental property. However, if it's just a simple CCTV camera that you can check remotely with your phone, that could work.

Contact a locksmith for more information.


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